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Voting: What You Need to Know

Delegates Begin Casting Ballots Today

Who can vote?

Only delegates who have registered for the RA can vote.

When do you vote?

With so many voters, the Elections Committee tries to avoid long lines by asking delegates to vote with their state delegations at the designated times.

Where do you vote?

Balloting will take place in South Hall A. Delegates should go to the voting station that is indicated on the front of their delegate ID.

How do you vote?

At the voting area, delegates should go to the voting station that is labeled with their voting station number, show two forms of ID, preferably one with a photo, and sign for their ballot. Each delegate will have access to a voting booth. NEA voting is by secret ballot. No campaign material of any kind is allowed in the voting area. Cell phones must be turned off. No cameras are allowed.

How are ballots counted?

The ballots are machine-counted using well-tested, reliable optical scanning equipment and state-of-the-art tabulation software.

When will results be announced?

The results will be announced after the lunch break on Monday, July 4

What if the first election does not fill every position?

To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast. If there are positions for which not enough candidates win majorities, there will be a run-off. In a vote-for-one election, the top two candidates will be in the run-off. If more than one position needs to be filled, the number of candidates in the run-off will be one more than the number of positions to be filled. Run-off elections will be held Monday, July 4, along with balloting for bylaws and constitutional amendments. Delegates will also be voting on the recommendation to re-elect President Barak Obama.

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