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American Education Week Artwork

2019 Visuals to Help Promote Your Events: Social Media Shareables; Web Banners; Posters!

Poster: Younger Kids

Poster: Older Kids

Poster: Smiling Girl 

Web Banners

Facebook and Twitter


  • Facebook, 851 x 315
    (PDF) (PNG)
  • Twitter, 1500 x 500
    (PDF) (PNG)

ESP Day social media graphics and printables


Social Media:



Social Media:



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what does education mean?

Fill in the blank: “Education means…”
Every student deserves a great public education, but what exactly does that mean? We want to hear it in your words! Share your thoughts with to celebrate both American by filling in the blank to one or both of the following:
A great public education is ___.
This is what a great public education looks like [insert your photo].

Tweet your response and also share on Instagram using the hashtag #AEW2019.