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Want to Teach?

Teaching is a great profession. The United States needs nearly 2 million new teachers over the next 10 years, and we're encouraging students and others to consider teaching as a career. Not only are America's schools experiencing a shortage of teachers, the growth of ethnic and minority student enrollment is creating a critical need for minority teachers to provide positive role models for the students.

The scramble for teachers is driving many states and school districts to get creative and ditch their old routines. Backed by solid data and the most current research available, the NEA Resource Guide for Recruiting and Retaining Quality Teachers captures the best practices nationwide for attracting more new teachers and keeping experienced teachers in the classroom.

In addition, the number of male teachers has declined steadily over the past two decades and the Association has ideas for increasing their recruitment.

The stakes are high: inspiring a diverse student body to achieve, encouraging parental involvement, and retaining qualified teachers, minority and majority, male and female.

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