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Pledge Your Support for the Nation's Teachers

Sign our pledge to show you appreciate our public school educators and all that they do.

I appreciate America’s public school educators who care for, believe in, and protect their students. For all that our educators do for students and for our nation, I join in saying thank you. 

Educators selflessly give to and serve their students

  • Educators work long hours--grading papers late into the night and staying after school to tutor, mentor, and coach--and spend much of their out-of-class time learning, planning, and preparing to be even better at their jobs.
  • Educators reach into their own pockets, spending on average $998 every year to pay for school supplies their students need that cash-strapped districts can’t provide.

Educators believe in their students

  • Educators believe in all students’ abilities and potential--even when others don’t--and help prepare them for the adult world.
  • Educators inspire self-confidence and life-long passions, whether in reading or art or music or engineering or science, and adjust their teaching to inspire all students. 

Educators protect our children

  • Educators collaborate with their peers, parents, and the community as a whole to protect our children, mostly in ways that never make the national or local news.
  • Educators provide a safe-space for all students. In the cases where violence breaches the school doors, educators put their lives on the line to protect their students.

I know that America’s educators are in it for the right reasons and I appreciate all that they do every day for our students, our economy and our communities. Count me as one who says “Thank You” and wants educators to know I appreciate them and am on their side.