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Teachers: The Most Powerful People in the World!

Jenny Edwards is the author of two ASCD books: Time to Teach: How Do I Get Organized and Work Smarter and Inviting Students to Learn: 100 Tips For Talking Effectively with Your Students. In appreciation of all the work teachers do, Jenny and ASCD are offering a free e-copy of Time to Teach during National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8, 2015. Get your free copy after reading Jenny’s inspiring message below!

Ask students to talk about their heroes, and who do they mention? Their teachers! You are the heroes and the hope of the world! You are the most powerful people in the world! In your hands, you hold the future of society. You have the power to build students, to help them to envision a positive future, and to become the people that they dream of becoming. Through your words and your interactions with your students, you have the power to create the future!

Your students come from a variety of backgrounds. You might be the only constant in their lives. You might be the only one who gives them a smile, who encourages them, who provides them with stability, who helps them to feel powerful. Yes, you can take your power and transfer it to your students. They see you as all-powerful. They believe in you. They look to you for guidance. A positive word from you can make their day. A positive word from you can give them something to hang onto when they are feeling discouraged. And, a simple, positive word from you can provide light and guidance for the rest of their lives. They may hold onto your words for years to come and become successes based on what they heard from you . . . based on your belief in them. When they are 80, 90, and even 100 years old, they may still remember your smile, your encouraging words, and the way you made them feel.

In order to give them positive words and be their heroes, you will benefit from taking care of yourself. You will benefit from being rested, coming to school refreshed, feeling on top of what you are doing. You will benefit from organizing your time so that you have time to spend with family and friends . . . time to spend pursuing your goals . . . time to spend living, loving, and laughing! You will benefit from being able to accomplish everything at school so that you can have a life outside of school.

As the end of the school year approaches and you are looking back, you may be remembering the many ways that you encouraged your students . . . the many gifts of time that you offered them . . . the many smiles that you put on their faces. You may be remembering the times when you explained something a little bit differently, and they understood. You may be remembering the gratitude expressed by their parents or guardians, or the many feelings of satisfaction that you experienced for a job well done!

My book, Time to Teach: How Do I Get Organized and Work Smarter, is offered with the hope that it will enable you to feel refreshed and happy as you are powerfully influencing your students . . . and the future! Click here to download your free e-copy.

And, as I have had such a great time sharing my appreciation with you, I encourage you to pass your appreciation on to others. NEA and ASCD will be promoting a great #ThankATeacher campaign on social media, and you can join, too! Just post a picture of yourself with your favorite teacher, past or present, or even holding a sign with a message to a teacher, and use the hashtag #ThankATeacher. I look forward to seeing everyone spread the love!


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