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National Teacher Day Digital Toolkit


To help you spread the word about teachers and the outstanding work they do each day, we've put together a list of activities, digital resources, and tools.

Americans in cities and towns all over the nation are celebrating National Teacher Day on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. The celebration is part of National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8, with special events honoring educators happening in every community.
The celebration, supported by the National Education Association’s 3 million members, has two main goals.

  • Thank America’s teachers for their commitment to students and for their work to create great public schools for every student.
  • Encourage talented and committed individuals to consider the rewarding and intellectually demanding profession of teaching.

Join Our 2020 #ThankATeacher Campaign!

Teachers give us so much. A boost of confidence when we really need one. Extra help when we’re having trouble. A welcoming presence when everything else seems out of control. And though we know we can’t ever thank them enough, we can take a moment during National Teacher Appreciation Week to share our appreciation for the special educators in our lives.

Join NEA and the National PTA in saying “Thank You” during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8:

Thank A Teacher on Social Media

  • Simply make a video or take a photo of yourself thanking a teacher who has made a difference in you or your child’s life, or just thank all teachers or supporting our nation’s students each and every day. (You can download this ThankATeacher template to use in your photo.)
  • Share your message of appreciation on your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #ThankATeacher

Wear #REDforED on Wednesday, May 6th

This year, we especially appreciate all our NEA members who are fighting for school funding, professional pay, and better learning conditions for their students.

Show your solidarity with them by wearing red on Wednesday, May 6 and sharing a picture of yourself on social media explaining why you’re wearing #REDforED.


  • “I’m wearing #REDforED to thank all those teachers spending their own money to supply their classrooms.”
  • “I’m wearing #REDforED because our public schools need to be fully funded.”

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Want To Do More?

Make a real difference in the lives of amazing teachers nationwide by taking these four easy actions:

  1. Petition your representative to issue a proclamation celebrating teachers and declaring Tuesday, May 5th, National Teacher Day.
  2. Support public education by making a donation to the NEA Foundation. Your investment will help educators close achievement gaps, increase classroom innovations, provide professional development opportunities, and more.
  3. Be a partner in education. Find effective parent-teacher strategies that will have a direct impact on your child's success.

 Talking Points

  • We know that appreciation alone will not reduce the challenges teachers face to help meet the needs of their students, but it will let them know their efforts are not going unnoticed.
  • Everyone has a favorite teacher. There’s no better time than National Teacher Appreciation Week/National Teacher Day to remember those who inspired us to be the individuals we are today.
  • We’re asking everyone to take the time to recognize and thank a favorite teacher. Make a commitment to do your part to help make great public schools and ensure that all students have caring and qualified teachers. Visit to find out more about how you can help.
  • Celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week on Social Media. Join us in saying “Thank You” by sharing a photo of you (or a child) and a teacher on social media using the hashtag #ThankATeacher during Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • NEA is committed to ensuring that every student has a qualified, caring, committed teacher. We need to change the way teachers are recruited, trained, evaluated, supported, and held accountable. We raise the bar for what it means to be a quality teacher.
  • America’s teachers are on the front lines of education every day. They are deeply committed to the success of every child, yet their profession and the work they do are being slammed because of standardized tests, poor evaluation methods, and lack of funding.

Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Day

From volunteering in a classroom to hosting a town hall meeting with teachers and parents, here are some simple ways to participate in our national celebration of teachers.