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Grants and Programs for NEA Student Members

Jack Kinnaman Scholarship:

NEA-Retired is now accepting applications for the Jack Kinnaman Scholarship.  NEA-Retired will be awarding three Jack Kinnaman Scholarships of $2,500 each at our Annual Meeting just prior to the NEA Representative Assembly. For information about Jack Kinnaman, please visit
Application deadline is April 15th.


The NEA Aspiring Educator Program is now accepting applications for the CREATE Grants.  CREATE Grants are chapter and/or statewide community service projects that positively promote the NEA Aspiring Educator Program through strategies designed to enhance public education, increase advocacy and outreach to communities; support younger educators involvement in the Association; and supports the development of innovative approaches to engagement. CREATE projects can make a positive difference for communities.  Please see the following link for the application:   CREATE Grant Application

For additional questions/information, please  contact Blake West ( 
Application deadline is April 15th


Is your local doing "big things"? Get recognized at the annual NEA Student Program Awards.