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Teachers Take "Pay Cut" as Inflation Outspaces Salaries

Grades 4-12 learn about the accomplishments of famous African American men and women using a unique three-way matching activity.

Subjects: Language Arts, Educational Technology, Social Studies

Grade Levels: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Objectives: Students will:

  • use an online resource (Encyclopedia Brittannica's
    Black History Month Biographies) to learn about
    famous African Americans; and,
  • follow directions to complete the three-way
    matching activity.

Keywords: Black History Month, African Americans, research,

Materials Needed:

  • Famous African American Women (PDF, 82K)
  • Famous African American Men (PDF, 81K)
  • Computers


This activity might be set up in your classroom computer center;
students will rotate into the activity during the week. Or it will also
work nicely as a whole-class activity to be completed in your school's
computer center. Students can work independently or in pairs to
complete the activity. If they work in pairs, be sure to instruct
students on how to take turns; they might do that by alternating
responsibility for researching and reading the material at hand and
recording answers.
In this activity students will match famous African American men
and women to their accomplishments and to the year in which those
accomplishments occurred. Students will use the online resources of
Encyclopedia Brittannica's Black History Biographies to complete
the activity.
This activity is slightly different from the typical two-column
matching activity with which students are familiar. In this three-way
matching activity students: