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NEA Today News Articles

April 2010

4/8/10 Pizza for Breakfast No More: New Legislation Tackles Healthy Fare
4/7/10 Without Senate Relief, Jobs Picture Grim
4/6/10 Florida Senate Bill 6: The Worst Bill in America?
4/5/10 Educators Face Rising Homeless Student Population

March 2010

 3/31/10 Race to the Top Wins Send Mixed Signals
 3/30/10 NEA to Congress: Less Standardized Testing, More Help
 3/30/10 President Obama Finalizes Healt Care Reform Law
 3/29/10 Union-Business Partnership Creating Opportunities for Kids in NY
 3/26/10 NEA President: Mass Teacher Firings Not the Answer
 3/26/10 Higher Education Members Push Ahead in Uncertain Times
 3/25/10 MetLife Survey: Resources, Collaboration Key
 3/25/10 Show Us Your Signs! Educators Protest Budget Cuts
 3/25/10 New NAEP Reading Scores Flat
 3/24/10 Census Bureau Takes Attendance on April 1
 3/23/10 Billions on the Way for Higher Education
 3/22/10 House Passes Sweeping Health Care Reform Bill
 3/19/10 NEA Members on ESEA Blueprint: Where is the Collaboration?
 3/17/10 NEA President to Congress: 'Focus on the kids, fix the tests' 
 3/17/10 Former Bush Adviser Calls Out Newsweek for ‘Uninformed’ Attack on Teachers
 3/17/10 Custodian Earns Top Honors for Clean Approach
 3/16/10 Is This America's Youngest Organizer?
 3/15/10 Health Care Reform Heads to the Finish Line
 3/15/10 Kentucky School Bus Driver ESP of the Year
 3/12/10 Florida Bill Ignores Advice, Warnings of Teachers
 3/11/10 Support Professionals Connect in Las Vegas
 3/10/10 NEA President Testifies to on ESEA Reform
   3/8/10 Teachers Lead the Way to School Reform in Los Angeles
   3/5/10 NEA President Talks Teacher Accountability at Celebration Conference
   3/4/10 Education Leaders: Collaboration the Key to Student Achievement
   3/4/10 Finding the Best Road to School Reform
   3/4/10 Ed Department Announces Race to the Top Finalists
   3/3/10 Gates Survey: Teachers Must Be Heard on School Reform
   3/3/10 NEA President Calls on Education Secretary to Renew Promise
   3/3/10 Education Leaders Plan Collaboration on Priority Schools
   3/2/10 Michelle Obama Kicks Off Read Across America
   3/1/10 Read Across America Kicks Off Tomorrow
   3/1/10 Kansas Students Open (and Sell) Hearts for Haiti Relief 

February 2010

2/26/10 NEA and AFT Urge Support for Fired Rhode Island Educators 
 2/25/10 No Breakthroughs at Health Care Summit
 2/24/10 O'Connor: We Must Court Kids for Civics Education
 2/23/10 Educators Dialing Up Senators for Jobs Legislation
 2/22/10 New Momentum Injected Into Health Care Reform
 2/19/10 Priority Schools: Union, Managers Work Jointly for Indiana Students
 2/18/10 Two NEA Members Named Professors of the Year
 2/17/10 ARRA Anniversary Underscores Need for More Job Creation
 2/16/10 NEA Earns Distinguished Environmental Rating
 2/12/10 Tennessee Principal, Assistant Principal Shot
 2/11/10 NEA Urges Congress to take Action on Education Jobs
   2/9/10 White House Task Force Seeks to End Childhood Obesity
   2/5/10 Priority Schools: New York Breaks Down Barriers to College
   2/4/10 School Counselor of the Year Wears Many Hats
   2/4/10 NEA Gears Up for Census 2010
   2/3/10 ESEA Reform: Will NCLB Be Left Behind?
   2/2/10 Teachers in 15 States See Salaries Decline
   2/1/10 Obama Proposes Boost for Education Spending
   2/1/10 Educators Making Less in 15 States

January 2010

 1/29/10 NEA Urges Course Correction on 'Race to the Top'
 1/28/10 Obama Calls for $4 Billion in New Education Spending
 1/27/10 Educators Have Some Advice for Obama's State of the Union
 1/25/10 Is NCLB Intentionally Leaving Some Kids Behind?
 1/22/10 Haitiain Teachers Union Leaders Found Alive
 1/21/10 Priority Schools: Alabama Schools Turn Tide Through Collaboration
 1/20/10 Georgia Educators Rally for Education Funding
 1/19/10 Connecticut Program Puts Teachers in Charge
 1/18/10 Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King 
 1/14/10 Educators Mustering Aid for Haiti Earthquake Victims
1/6/10 President Calls for More Math, Science Teachers
1/5/10 Blind Musicians March in Rose Bowl Parade
1/4/10 Miller: Treat Teachers As Professionals 

December 2009

12/24/09 Senate Passes Health Care Reform
12/18/09 New Jersey Program Boosts Science Teachers' Numbers
12/17/09 House Passes Crucial Jobs Package, Brings Education Money
12/16/09 Teachers Anxiously Await Board Certification Status
12/16/09 Enzi: NCLB Reform Must Be Bipartisan
12/15/09 Peer Review Begins At Teacher-Led School
12/15/09 A Lesson for Policy Wonks
12/14/09 Harkin on NCLB: Let’s Strengthen What Works, and Fix What Doesn’t
12/11/09 Elevating the Teaching Profession
12/10/09 NEA Steps Up Pressure on Excise Tax
12/08/09 Educators Point to Student Hunger as Grave Problem
12/07/09 Closing Gaps in Oklahoma
12/04/09 Billions Up For Grabs For School Improvement
12/03/09 Seattle Returns to Neighborhood Schools
12/02/09 Arizona Educators Rally to Protect Employment Rights
12/01/09 Thanking Educators for Their Generosity

November 2009

11/25/09 Celebrating American Indian Heritage Boosts Success
11/24/09 Senate Ready to Debate Health Insurance Reform
11/23/09 Charter Schools Falling Behind
11/19/09 Study: Test Prep Grows, Curriculum Shrinks In Low-Income Schools
11/18/09 Honoring the Important Work of ESPs
11/17/09 Are YOU the Key to Closing Achievement Gaps?
11/15/09 Schools Nationwide Honor American Education Week
11/13/09 Bringing Hope, Resources to Lower-Performing Schools
11/12/09 To Close or Not to Close: The H1N1 Question
11/10/09 Supporting Our Troops and Our Schools
11/09/09 House Passes Historic Health Insurance Reform Bill
11/06/09 How Should Teachers Be Paid?
11/04/09 Voters Unite to Protect Public Education
11/02/09 National Spotlight Shines on ESPs
11/02/09 The Global Power of Education

October 2009

10/30/09 Report: Stimulus was a Lifeline for Nation's Schools
10/29/09 Great Public Schools Begin with Great Teachers
10/28/09 Rep. Kratovil Keeps His Promise on Education
10/27/09 Honoring the Life of Dorothy Rich
10/26/09 Bringing Progress to Priority Schools
10/23/09 Public Education Mourns Loss of Theodore R. Sizer
10/23/09 Preventing Permanent Cuts to Education
10/22/09 Remembering Gerald Bracey
10/21/09 Lessons from the Slammer
10/20/09 Teaching Tolerance
10/19/09 Report: Stimulus Saved 250,000 Education Jobs
10/16/09 NEA, Latino Groups Honor Sotomayor
10/15/09 Health Insurance Reform Forges Ahead
10/15/09 Students Energized by Solar Decathlon
10/14/09 House Bill Creates Billions for Early Childhood Ed
10/13/09 Literacy in the Digital Age
10/9/09 Teachers Losing Jobs to Save Vouchers?
10/8/09 Arthur from PBS Talks to NEA Today
10/7/09 Serving Up: A Little Learning
10/6/09 NEA Backs Obama Plan for Lowest-Performing Schools
10/5/09 Testing's Damage, Econ. Role Focus of World Teachers' Day
10/2/09 Standing Up for Banned Books
10/1/09 All Kids Deserve Qualified Teachers, Van Roekel Tells House
10/1/09 House Votes to Extend Unemployment Lifeline

September 2009

9/30/09 Teachers Go Green to Get Green
9/29/09 Four Jobs, One Living Wage
9/28/09 Moving Too Fast on Student Discipline
9/25/09 Let's Bring Teaching Into 21st Century, Duncan Tells NEA
9/25/09 Pringle to CBC: Green Schools Are Our Future
9/24/09 Remembering Little Rock, 52 Years Later
9/23/09 KEYS Unlocks School Reform
9/22/09 Public Supports Higher Pay for Teachers
9/20/09 Van Roekel to Nation: All Students Deserve Great Public Ed
9/18/09 Obama Rallies Students for Health Care
9/17/09 Charter Drop-Outs
9/16/09 An Ocean Away, But Still Common Ground in GLBT Issues
9/15/09 NEA President Makes Historic Address to AFL-CIO
9/14/09 Washington Taken to Court Over School Funding 
9/11/09 Education Groups Kick off Coalition for Green Schools
9/10/09 Obama Stands Firm on Health Insurance Reform
9/09/09 Syracuse Students Say Yes to Education
9/09/09 Schools Contend With Homeless Students Boom
9/08/09 Obama to Students: Take Ownership of Your Education
9/07/09 Obama Set to Address Nation's Students
9/03/09 NEA Joins Local Class Size Fight
9/03/09 Children of Poverty Deserve Great Teachers
9/02/09 Budget Cuts+Teacher Layoffs=Larger Class Sizes
9/01/09 Latina Dropouts: Falling Through the Cracks

August 2009

8/31/09 Schools and H1N1: Get the Facts
8/27/09 NEA Rallies for Health Insurance Reform
8/26/09 Public Ed Loses Friend With Passing of Sen. Kennedy
8/24/09 Uninsured Children: A National Problem
8/24/09 NEA's Response to Race to the Top
8/20/09 NEA Vice President Featured in National Publication
8/19/09 Students Build Schools for Kids in Afghanistan and Pakistan
8/18/09 Space Education Ready for Take Off
8/17/09 Tough Questions from the Frontline
8/13/09 5 Health Care Lies Being Spread to Seniors
8/12/09 Educators: We Can't Compensate for Budget Cuts
8/12/09 Schools Fight H1N1 With Common Sense, Prevention
8/11/09 Education Issues 101
8/10/09 Are Cell Phones the New Chewing Gum?
8/6/09 Senate Confirms Sotomayor for Supreme Court
8/6/09 Crucial Time for '10 Ed Funding
8/5/09 Student Achievement Starts With Teacher Quality, Support
8/4/09 Funding, Teacher Quality May Reduce Student Injuries

July 2009

7/29/09 Schools Can't Thrive on 'Pass the Hat'
7/29/09 When Church and State Intersect for Schools
7/28/09 Deeds Talks Education at NEA
7/27/09 'Race to the Top' School Funding Plan Unveiled
7/23/09 GOP Educators: We'll Fight for Public Education
7/22/09 RNC Chairman Steele Thanks NEA Republicans
7/22/09 Obama Takes to Airwaves in Fight for Health Care Reform
7/21/09 Activists Fight Unfair Social Security Penalties
7/20/09 Fiery Obama Speech Focuses on Education
7/16/09 Gay Students Risk Truancy, Dropping Out
7/15/09 Obama to Make Historic Investment in Community Colleges
7/13/09 Study: Students Go High-Tech With Cheating
7/9/09   Proponents Say "S.O.S.S.--Save Our Summer Schools"
7/8/09   Tireless Labor, Education Advocate Says Goodbye
7/5/09   Van Roekel Lays Down Challenge, Delegates Take Action
7/3/09   Secretary of Ed: 'We Are Not Going to Impose Reform'
7/1/09   San Diego Padres Get Into the Game With NEA

June 2009

6/29/09 Education Activists Rally for Health Care
6/29/09 Support Professionals Shouldering Brunt of Layoffs
6/25/09 A Number of Charter Schools Grapple With Quality
6/25/09 Iowa School Grieves After Beloved Coach's Shooting
6/24/09 Cyber Charter First of Its Kind to Unionize
6/24/09 Snapshot: Omaha Cabinet Member Meets With Teachers
6/22/09 Author of Ed Secretary's Favorite Book Takes Exception
6/22/09 Five Movies Every Union Advocate Should See
6/18/09 Maryland Teacher Testifies to Congress
6/18/09 Bulletin Boards Deemed a Fire Hazard
6/17/09 California Guv Strikes Fool's Gold Looking for Budget Cuts 
6/17/09 Textbook Burglars Busted
6/15/09 NEA Supports the Kennedy-Dodd Health Care Reform Bill 
6/15/09 Budget Battles: Governors v. Kids
6/15/09 Vermont Teacher Honored for Student News
6/15/09 NEA Members Fight to Protect School Funding

  4/8/10 Pizza for Breakfast No More: New Legislation Tackles Healthy Fare
   4/7/10 Without Senate Relief, Jobs Picture Grim
   4/6/10 Florida Senate Bill 6: The Worst Bill in America?
   4/5/10 Educators Face Rising Homeless Student Population

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