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Substitute Educator: Research & Tools

NEA Resources

Substitute Educator Day Spotlights the Substitute Teacher Crisis

The nation's shortage of qualified substitute teachers garners attention on Substitute Educators Day (during American Education Week every November). Low pay, poor training and lack of benefits are among the reasons for the shortage.Stats on Substitute Teachers in the States

The Status of Substitute Teachers: A State-by-State Summary is a compilation of reports from NEA state affiliates across the country. (2000-01)

Other Resources

Substitute Educator Resources

The Substitute Educator Resources page provides links to resources on substitute teaching: articles, books, courses, lesson ideas and toolkits, handbooks, research, and NEA Web content.

National Substitute Teacher Alliance

The National Substitute Teacher Alliance was established "to promote dignity and respect for substitute teachers who provide educational continuity for our nation's students. We support professional development and training programs; improved wages, and health benefits; a fair evaluation and grievance process, and full, unbiased consideration for contractual employment."

Substitute Teacher Guide

The San Diego County Office of Education's online Substitute Teacher Guide has a variety of information and resources for substitute teachers. While some information is specific to California, the site includes resources of general interest as well. Topics include Classroom Management, Crisis Intervention, Disciplinary Techniques, Internet Sites for Subs, Special Needs Students, Reading Styles and Strategies, Student Disciplinary Scenarios, Sub Grab Bag, Teachers and Substitutes, and more.

Institute Offers Handbook, Online Training, Free Newsletter

The Substitute Teaching Institute at Utah State University offers a handbook for substitutes and online/CD-based training, both of which are for sale, and a free access to an electronic newsletter for substitute teachers.

What the Research Says

NEA Report Provides National Overview

Substitutes: A National Overview presents survey data on statewide credentialing, licensing, and training standards for substitute teachers as reported by NEA's state affiliates and state education agencies. (1998-99)