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2011 News Releases

Payroll tax holiday extension stalls in Congress December 15, 2011

NEA PAC votes to endorse Ben Cardin for re-election to the U.S. Senate December 9, 2011

NEA PAC votes to endorse Maryland state senator Rob Garagiola for Congress December 9, 2011

New Documentary Highlights Teachers’ Fight for Excellence December 9, 2011

Crumbling schools don’t provide strong foundations for America’s students December 9, 2011

NEA President Announces New Three-Part Action Agenda to Strengthen Teaching Profession and Improve Student Learning December 8, 2011

NEA applauds Obama administration for efforts to increase diversity in schools December 6, 2011

NEA challenges harshest immigration law in the nation November 21, 2011

Super Committee throws in towel on debt-reduction goals November 21, 2011

Actor Matt Damon is top choice for substitute educator for a day November 18, 2011

Education support professionals essential for student success November 16, 2011

NEA shares strategies for developing family-school-community partnerships November 15, 2011

American Education Week focuses on nation’s commitment to students and educators November 14, 2011

NEA conference focuses on improving student success in low-income communities November 9, 2011

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel: Tonight, we are all Ohio Buckeye message to educators, nurses, firefighters: we got your back November 8, 2011

Senate fails to pass education jobs bill again October 21, 2011

NEA President discusses role of unions, budget cuts in higher education October 19, 2011

NEA to support The National Teachers Hall of Fame October 19, 2011

NEA launches second television ad campaign to support education jobs bill October 19, 2011

No Child Left Behind bill is showing improvement October 17, 2011

New report shows state budget cuts devastating public schools October 13, 2011

NEA calls on states and school districts to step up anti-bullying efforts October 12, 2011

NEA and Alexandria Public Schools Team Up on Compensation Reform October 12, 2011

NEA President urges U.S. Senate to put partisan politics aside October 11, 2011

NEA mourns the loss of Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth October 7, 2011

NEA Vice President Eskelsen joins President’s advisory commission October 6, 2011

Alabama law drives children out of public schools October 5, 2011

NEA President calls on Rep. Cantor to put partisan politics aside October 4, 2011

NEA TV ad urges Congress to pass American Jobs Act September 28, 2011

Obama, Duncan to provide relief from many NCLB restrictions September 22, 2011

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel: shared sacrifice is the right call September 19, 2011

Standing Strong for Students Back-to-School Tour showcases collaborative efforts to help students succeed September 16, 2011

National Education Association makes Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies List September 16, 2011

NEA president calls on Florida lawmakers to invest in children and stop attacks September 15, 2011

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel: failing children is unconscionable September 14, 2011

NEA president stops in Orlando during back-to-school tour September 14, 2011

NEA Secretary-Treasurer points to common features of successful schools September 14, 2011

NEA president praises Romulus community collaboration September 13, 2011

NEA leader goes back to school September 12, 2011

It's back to school for NEA President September 12, 2011

Standing Strong for Students tour highlights NEA members helping students succeed September 12, 2011

President’s jobs plan to repair schools and keep educators in classrooms September 8, 2011

John Stocks names director of NEA’s Center for Great Public Schools September 7, 2011

John C. Stocks named NEA Executive Director August 31, 2011

Progress for Wisconsin: One election at a time August 10, 2011

Van Roekel urges Administration to focus on student-centered reform August 8, 2011

Debt Ceiling Deal Is Flawed, But US Default Worse August 1, 2011

NEA Executive Director: Boehner bill leaves America’s children behind July 29, 2011

TV ads launched in 8 states: "If the Social Security checks, veterans' benefits, military pay Americans are counting on don't arrive after August 2, thank Republicans in Congress" July 29, 2011

Educators outline critical components of appropriate evaluation system July 27, 2011

NEA President: Don’t forget our children, the most vulnerable in debt deal July 23, 2011

NEA urges Congress to reject flawed ESEA-flexibility measure July 7, 2011

A week of standing strong for students, for members and for public schools July 5, 2011

National Teacher of the Year: “Open the doors to your classrooms” July 5, 2011

Tennessee educator elected to stand strong for students and public education July 4, 2011

Va. music teacher re-elected to stand strong for nation’s students and public education July 4, 2011

NEA delegates vote to support President Obama for second term and on policy on teacher evaluation and accountability July 4, 2011

ESP of the Year delivers awe-inspiring speech to more than 9,000 colleagues July 4, 2011

Educators Approve Teacher Evaluation and Accountability Policy Statement July 4, 2011

NEA delegates vote to support President Barack Obama in re-election bid July 4, 2011

NEA delegates re-elect leaders to stand strong for nation’s students and public education July 3, 2011

Politicians give big ‘shout outs’ to educators July 3, 2011

Vice President Biden “stands with NEA” to restore the American dream July 3, 2011

NEA 2011 Representative Assembly opens with president’s keynote and recognition of ‘Wisconsin 14’ July 2, 2011

NEA honors ‘Wisconsin 14’ with Friend of Education Award July 2, 2011

NEA president urges educators to stand strong for students July 2, 2011

NEA’s annual Day of Learning provides educators with tools to help students and improve public schools July 1, 2011

Educators fired up to stand up for their students and profession June 30, 2011

NEA honors Steve Beshear with America's Greatest Education Governor Award June 30, 2011

Hundreds of educators help make over Dawes Elementary June 28, 2011

Vice President Biden to address 9,000 educators at NEA annual meeting June 27, 2011

NEA honors woman who thwarted Nazis during World War II June 23, 2011

NEA honors Sen. Garcia, a champion for children June 23, 2011

Omaha teacher to receive NEA Human and Civil Rights award June 23, 2011

NEA honors basketball trailblazer who continues to win off the court June 23, 2011

NEA honors Bay area high school teacher Jeffrey Steinberg for bringing history to life June 23, 2011

NEA honors Arizona public interest lawyer Tim Hogan for advancing quality public education June 23, 2011

NEA honors UNL professor Joe Starita for his work to improve the quality of education for American Indians June 23, 2011

NEA salutes Virginia civil rights and education trailblazer June 23, 2011

NEA honors Kerry Kennedy with Human and Civil Rights award June 23, 2011

NEA honors legendary civil rights warrior Joseph Lowery June 23, 2011

NEA honors Antioch teacher Kerri Elliott for promoting peace and international understanding June 23, 2011

Rapid City student program to receive NEA Human and Civil Rights Award June 23, 2011

Advocate for social justice in rural America receives NEA award June 23, 2011

St. Louis champion for inner city children honored by NEA June 23, 2011

Broad coalition of Wisconsin unions files federal lawsuit to block anti-worker bill June 15, 2011

Van Roekel urges regulatory relief without strings attached June 13, 2011

Ten years later nation still reeling from Bush-era tax cuts June 9, 2011

AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile is a win for America, students and working families June 7, 2011

U.S. Dept. of Education issues long-awaited rule defining gainful employment June 2, 2011

NEA President applauds reintroduction of DREAM Act in Senate, House May 11, 2011

Teacher leaders recommend overhaul of evaluation and accountability May 11, 2011

NAMM Honors NEA’s John Wilson with Support Music Award May 10, 2011

GW Named Official Home of National Education Association Archives and Records May 9, 2011

NEA leaders ask members to consider Obama re-election May 6, 2011

NEA member named 2011 National Teacher of the Year May 3, 2011

Leading Education Organizations Join Together to Promote High Quality Pre-Kindergarten Education May 2, 2011

National Teacher Day spotlights key issues facing profession May 2, 2011

Classroom experts weigh in on education issues April 29, 2011

Public pension funds are recovering from Wall Street crisis April 26, 2011

Van Roekel applauds Obama’s leadership on fiscal responsibility April 15, 2011

Collaboration between lawmakers and broad-based education coalition leads to historic legislation in Illinois April 14, 2011

Statement of the National Education Association: A Fair Approach to Balancing State Budgets April 14, 2011

NEA opposes federal budget deal April 13, 2011

NEA president emphasizes collaboration is key to transforming schools April 7, 2011

Statement by NEA President Dennis Van Roekel on the Department of Labor’s investigation of Prince George’s County Public Schools April 6, 2011

NEA president condemns efforts to stifle academic freedom April 1, 2011

NEA President urges members to stand in solidarity at ‘We are One’ events April 1, 2011

Giving taxpayer money to private schools is not education reform March 30, 2011

ETS, NEA Study Identifies Pathways to Increasing Teacher Diversity March 23, 2011

Delaware teachers union and school district work together to transform school March 21, 2011

Statement from NEA President Dennis Van Roekel on the International Summit on the Teaching Profession March 15, 2011

NEA President says it is time to fix the Elementary and Secondary Education Act March 14, 2011

N.C. bus driver and teacher assistant named ‘ESP of the Year’ March 14, 2011

NEA survey: school staffs need more help to prevent bullying March 10, 2011

House Committee ignore facts and votes for failed voucher program March 10, 2011

Wisconsin Senate strips workers’ collective bargaining rights March 9, 2011

NEA Executive Director John Wilson responds to misleading ‘Crossroads’ ad March 9, 2011

MetLife Survey show teachers’ commitment to quality education and success March 9, 2011

HRC & NEA Applaud Senate Reintroduction of Safe Schools Improvement Act March 3, 2011

NEA launches national bullying prevention campaign March 3, 2011

NEA kicks off 14th annual Read Across America Day at Library of Congress March 2, 2011

Millions will join NEA’s Read Across America Day celebration on March 2 February 26, 2011

NEA president appointed to Equity and Excellence Commission February 22, 2011

Eskelsen travels to Indianapolis to kick off fight against Gov. Daniels’ anti-public education agenda February 20, 2011

WEAC President talks about next steps February 20, 2011

NEA president demands that educator voices be heard February 17, 2011

NEA and local affiliates are leading the way to student success February 15, 2011

NEA President: Obama’s budget keeps America moving forward February 14, 2011

Denver’s first teacher-led school takes center stage at national conference February 14, 2011

Race to the Top Proposed Changes Applauded February 12, 2011

Wisconsin teacher urges Washington to put students first February 11, 2011

Montgomery County educators head to Denver to share lessons of success February 10, 2011

NEA commemorates Black History Month

Helena students reap the benefits of union-district collaboration February 8, 2011

Union-district partnership means more learning time for students February 3, 2011

Florida ruling voids federal health reform January 31, 2011

NEA commemorates 25th anniversary of Challenger explosion January 28, 2011

NEA welcomes spotlight on education during president’s State of the Union January 25, 2011

NEA members to participate in historic education conference January 24, 2011

Arbitration can be key to ensuring fair, timely dismissals January 20, 2011

Education is key to fulfilling Dr. King’s dream, says NEA president January 17, 2011

NEA responds to Rhee group’s policy agenda release January 10, 2011

DOE Can Release Flawed Data Reports, Judge Rules January 10, 2011

NEA President statement on Tucson shooting involving Congresswoman Giffords January 8, 2011



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