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NEA Documents on Conditions in Public Education

NEA is committed to promoting the conditions that create great public schools. They include:

Achievement Gaps

2011 C.A.R.E. Guide: Strategies for Closing the Achievement Gaps
(2011) (PDF, 12 MB, 174pp)

Closing the Gap through Extended Learning Opportunities
(2008) (PDF, 210KB, 4pp)

Assessment and Accountability

Accountability Policies and Measures: What We Know and What We Need by Susan M. Brookhart 
(NEA Research report 2009) ( PDF, 461 KB, 41 pp)

Assessment as a Trojan Horse for Educational Improvement and Equity by James Pellegrino
(Powerpoint, NEA-sponsored accountability conference, May 7, 2009) ( PDF, 7.3 MB, 16pp)

ARRA, ESEA, and Accountability by Joel Packer
(Powerpoint delivered at NEA-sponsored accountability conference, May 7, 2009) (PPT, 5.1 MB, 40pp) 

Disproportionality: Inappropriate Identification of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children 
(Policy brief 2008) ( PDF, 232 KB, 4pp)

Growth Models – An Update on the Effectiveness of Determining Student Progress and School Accountability
(2009) (PDF, 204KB, 4pp)

Charter Schools

Charter Schools: Proceed Deliberately, Monitor Diligently, and Learn What Can Be Scaled Up 
(Policy brief 2008) ( PDF, 210 KB, 4pp)

Strengthening Charter School Policies
(2011) (PDF, 272 KB, 4pp)

Cultural Competence

Promoting Educators' Cultural Competence To Better Serve Culturally Diverse Students
(Policy brief 2008) ( PDF, 201 KB, 4pp)

Curriculum Standards

Common Core State Standards: A Tool for Improving Education
(Policy brief 2010) (PDF, 544 KB, 8pp)

Dropout Prevention

Addressing Chronic Absenteeism
(NEA Research Department and NEA Center for Communications 2018)
( MS-WORD, 16.3 KB, 2 pp.)

Chronic Absenteeism (NEA Research Brief 2018)
( PDF, 387 KB, 8 pp.)

Making Graduation a Priority 
(2009) ( PDF, 17pp)

Early Childhood Education

Working with Migrant Students: A National Imperative for Head Start Students and Families

Full-Day Kindergarten: An Advocacy Guide
(2006) ( PDF, 957 KB, 52pp)

Full Day Kindergarten Facts
( PDF, 73 KB, 2pp)

Early Childhood Education and School Readiness 
(Policy brief 2008) ( PDF, 202 KB, 4pp)

Full-Day Kindergarten Helps Close Achievement Gaps 
(Policy brief 2008) ( PDF, 198 KB, 4pp)

Raising the Standards for Early Childhood Professionals Will Lead to Better Outcomes
(Policy brief 2010) ( PDF, 212 KB, 4pp) 

Full-Day Kindergarten - Research and Tools
NEA recognizes that full-day kindergarten programs close achievement gaps between young children from minority and low-income families and their peers.

NEA on Prekindergarten and Kindergarten
(2004) ( PDF, 748 KB, 16pp)
NEA believes that all children ages three and four should have access to prekindergarten programs that are high quality, universal, and publicly funded.

English Language Learners

Professional Development for General Education Teachers of English Language Learners
(2011) (PDF, 434 KB, 5pp)

International Education

Global Competence Is a 21st Century Imperative
(Policy brief 2010) ( PDF, 249 KB, 4pp)

Parent, Family, and Community Involvement

Keeping Family-School-Community Connections Helps Support Secondary Students' Success
(Policy brief 2009) ( PDF, 320KB, 4pp)

Parent, Family, Community Involvement in Education 
(Policy brief 2008) ( PDF, 198 KB, 4pp) 

Quality Teaching and Learning Conditions

Advancing High-Quality Professional Learning through Collective Bargaining and State Policy 
(2010) ( PDF, 126pp) This is a joint effort of the NEA, the American Federation of Teachers, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and the National Staff Development Council.

Learning to Practice: The Design of Clinical Experience in Teacher Education
(NEA and AACTE Policy brief 2010) ( PDF, 8pp) by Pam Grossman of Stanford University 

Recognizing and Developing Effective Teaching: What Policy Makers Should Know and Do
(NEA and AACTE Policy brief 2010) ( PDF, 12pp) by Linda Darling-Hammond of Stanford University

Strengthening State Teacher Licensure Standards to Advance Teaching Effectiveness
(NEA and AACTE Policy brief 2010) ( PDF, 12pp) by Barnett Berry of Center for Teaching Quality

Using Longitudinal Data Systems to Inform State Teacher Quality Efforts
(NEA and AACTE Policy brief 2010) ( PDF, 8pp) by George Noell of Louisiana State University and Paige Kowalski of the Data Quality Campaign

A Report on the Status of Women in Education: Achieving Gender Equity for Women and Girls
(2010) ( PDF, 4 MB, 44pp) This NEA report is based on the principle that every student has the human and civil right to a quality public education.

School Funding

Volatility in Census Poverty Estimates for ESEA Title I Grants Undermines Planning, Resource Allocation 
(Policy brief 2008) ( PDF, 288 KB, 4pp)

Education Funding Charts

Education Funding

School Reform

And They’re Off! How States are Reexamining Students’ Early Graduation from High School 
(Policy brief 2010) ( PDF, 188 KB, 4pp).

Class Size Reduction: A Proven Reform Strategy
(Policy brief 2008) ( PDF, 193 KB, 4pp)  

Reforming High Schools for the 21st Century - An Imperative
(Policy brief 2008) ( PDF, 212 KB, 4pp)  

Response to Intervention: A Transformational Approach
(2010) (PDF, 212 KB, 4pp)

Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Making learning accessible and engaging for all students
(2008) (PDF, 228 KB, 4pp)

The Federal Role in Transforming Struggling Schools
(2011) (PDF, 402 KB, 6pp)

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

Mathematics and Science for Every Girl and Boy
(Policy brief 2008) ( PDF, 990 KB, 4pp)

Technology in Schools: The Ongoing Challenge of Access, Adequacy and Equity
(2008) (PDF, 199KB, 4pp)

Thinking Algebraically: Promoting rigorous mathematics for all students
(Policy brief 2008) ( PDF, 283 KB, 4pp)