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2012 News Releases

NEA President: NRA is out of touch December 21, 2012

House GOP Leadership's driving country closer to fiscal cliff December 20, 2012

AFT, NEA: Arming Educators Won’t Keep Schools Safe December 20, 2012

NEA: Speaker Boehner’s ‘millionaires’ plan is wrong and misguided December 19, 2012

AFSCME, NEA, SEIU Launch Third Round of TV Ads Calling on Congress to Protect Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Education December 19, 2012

Letter of condolences to Inouye family December 18, 2012

Helmsley Charitable Trust Makes $11 Million Grant to Engage Teachers Across the Country in Meeting New College and Career Ready Standards December 17, 2012

NEA President: Education community shares Newtown’s grief and loss December 14, 2012

NEA President: Gov. Snyder’s so-called ‘right to work’ for less law is wrong for Michigan December 11, 2012

AFSCME, SEIU and NEA Continue Major Campaign to Protect Medicare, Medicaid and Education December 7, 2012

AFSCME, SEIU y la NEA continúan su Gran Campaña para proteger Medicare, Medicaid y la educación December 12, 2012

NEA President: Speaker Boehner’s counter plan is misguided and unbalanced December 3, 2012

AFSCME, SEIU and NEA Launch Ad Campaign to Protect Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Education November 20, 2012

NEA President urges Congress to stand up for students and middle class families November 12, 2012

NEA applauds President Barack Obama for leading to get the nation’s fiscal house in order November 9, 2012


Educators Not Fond of The Romney Lovefest October 23, 2012

Debate reaffirms educators’ support for Obama-Biden ticket October 22, 2012


Voter Rights Advocates Launch Billboard Campaign October 18, 2012

Nation’s educators continue push for safe, bully-free environments October 8, 2012

NEA steps up to expand program to train STEM teachers October 2, 2012

NEA President Statement on Mitt Romney’s remarks at Education Nation September 25, 2012

President Obama shows support in Labor Day appearance September 3, 2012

NEA President: Unions are necessary for democracy and a vibrant middle class August 31, 2012

NEA President praises federal court’s decision to block key provision of Alabama’s anti-immigrant law August 22, 2012

NEA president congratulates Dayton Education Association president and White House “Champion of Change” honoree August 21, 2012

White House report: rising class sizes threaten education of U.S. children August 17, 2012

Romney Doubles Down on Right Wing Agenda for the Mega-Rich August 11, 2012

House Republican leadership protects tax cuts for rich and corporations August 1, 2012

U.S. Senate puts middle class before richest 2 percent July 26, 2012

Educators endorse Robert Dold for re-election to U.S. House of Representatives July 24, 2012

New NEA analysis shows sequestration shortchanges students July 10, 2012

President Obama to educators: Thank you for all the great work you are doing July 5, 2012

National Teacher of the Year: “Great teachers lead with both their heads and their hearts” July 5, 2012

Education Support Professional of the Year energizes, inspires fellow educators July 4, 2012

NEA executive director calls members ‘social justice patriots’ July 4, 2012

Statement of NEA President Dennis Van Roekel Regarding Vanity Fair’s Reporting on Mitt Romney’s Personal Finance Practices July 3, 2012

Pennsylvania teacher re-elected as NEA secretary-treasurer July 3, 2012

Oklahoma educator re-elected to NEA Executive Committee July 3, 2012

New Jersey Educator Re-Elected to NEA Executive Committee July 3, 2012

Vice President Biden to educators: America needs you July 3, 2012

NEA honors Mark Dayton with America's Greatest Education Governor Award July 3, 2012

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel addresses the 91st Representative Assembly July 2, 2012

Vice President Biden to address educators at NEA annual meeting June 29, 2012

NEA honors America’s human and civil rights heroes June 29, 2012

Congress puts students and rural educators ahead of partisan politics June 29, 2012

Hundreds of NEA Volunteers Revitalize Maryland Middle School in Annual ‘Outreach to Teach’ June 27, 2012

Court Denies Most of Arizona’s Dangerous Immigration Law June 25, 2012

NEA: “Romney Economics” would take country in wrong direction June 22, 2012

NEA president congratulates newly elected AFSCME President Lee A. Saunders June 21, 2012

Daniels continues Romney’s attack on teachers, first responders with divisive comments June 10, 2012

‘Disdainful attitude’ shows Romney won’t protect America’s middle class June 8, 2012

Educator’s victory restores balance of power in Wisconsin state Senate June 6, 2012

NEA urges Congress to pass Paycheck Fairness Act and calls on Romney to clarify his position June 5, 2012

Romney takes page out of education playbook of President George W. Bush May 23, 2012

Transforming schools is top priority for union leaders and school administrators May 21, 2012

Connecticut passes comprehensive education legislation May 9, 2012

National Teacher Day honors America’s teachers May 7, 2012

Survey finds parent-teacher relationships strong--teachers given grade ot "A" April 30, 2012

Ramona Oliver named senior director of NEA’s Center for Communications April 30, 2012

NEA to Congress: Act now to keep American dream within reach for millions April 25, 2012

NEA supports resolution to roll back high-stakes testing April 24, 2012

Labor organizer named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People April 24, 2012

NEA member named 2012 National Teacher of the Year April 23, 2012

You’ve seen the movie “Bully,” now what? April 19, 2012

NEA commissioner tapped for senior staff post for accreditation organization April 17, 2012

Etch A Sketch moment for Gov. Romney: campaign about ‘jobs and kids’ now April 16, 2012

Nation’s educators commit to bully-free schools April 12, 2012

New NEA campaign exposes true cost of corporate tax loopholes April 9, 2012

NEA President: Ruling illustrates the political motive of the law March 30, 2012

NEA President: The Ryan Republican budget slashes investments in America’s future March 28, 2012

Statement of American Federation of Teachers, Florida Education Association and National Education Association on Trayvon Martin March 27, 2012

Statement by NEA President Dennis Van Roekel on the passing of John Payton March 25, 2012

NEA says changing student test scores is unethical and unacceptable March 24, 2012

Statement by NEA President Dennis Van Roekel on the International Summit on the Teaching Profession March 14, 2012

Statement by NEA President Dennis Van Roekel on the passing of Rep. Donald Payne (D-N.J.) March 7, 2012

Statement by NEA President Dennis Van Roekel Regarding Release of MetLife Survey of The American Teacher March 6, 2012

NEA President: Disturbing data should serve as call to action March 6, 2012

Statement by NEA President Dennis Van Roekel Commemorating the Selma to Montgomery March March 5, 2012

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Stars Danny DeVito and Zac Efron kick off NEA’s 15th annual Read Across America Day at The New York Public Library March 2, 2012

NEA’s Pringle helps lead new commission on teacher prep February 29, 2012

Statement by NEA President Dennis Van Roekel On the Tragic Shootings at Chardon High School February 28, 2012

NEA gives Kline ESEA Bills a failing grade February 28, 2012

Mazda test drive program pledges $1 million for nation’s public school libraries February 21, 2012

NEA’s ‘Read Across America tour – driven by Mazda' to raise $1 million for public school libraries February 17, 2012

NEA to help set the record straight and hold politicians accountable for false attacks February 15, 2012

Education Department plan reflects spirit of NEA’s 3-Point Plan to improve the profession February 15, 2012

NEA president praises Obama’s proposed budget February 13, 2012

Educators endorse Cheri Bustos for election to U.S. House of Representatives February 9, 2012

Educators endorse Judy Biggert for Re-election to U.S. House of Representatives February 9, 2012

States to receive long-awaited NCLB relief February 9, 2012

Educators endorse Jesse Jackson, Jr. for re-election to U.S. House of Representatives February 9, 2012

Educators endorse Elizabeth Warren for the U.S. Senate February 9, 2012

Millions will join NEA’s Read Across America Day celebration on March 2 February 8, 2012

NEA Legislative Report Card Shows a Congress Divided February 6, 2012

Union vote averts closing schoolhouse doors due to funding crisis February 2, 2012

NEA president praises President Obama’s bold vision for America January 24, 2012

President invites Pennsylvania teacher to attend State of the Union Address January 24, 2012

NEA urges PA governor not to rob Chester Upland students of their future January 18, 2012

NEA applauds appointment of Cecilia Muñoz as Domestic Policy Council Director January 10, 2012

NEA President says misuse of standardized tests must stop January 6, 2012

NEA President: NCLB’s 10th anniversary no cause for celebration January 6, 2012