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NEA Teacher Recruitment Toolkit (2011)

NEA recognizes the need for a talented and diverse teaching force in our nation’s public schools, especially at this time of diminishing numbers of educators - particularly teachers of color.

To address these concerns, NEA has created a teacher recruitment toolkit. The toolkit is designed to help NEA members create teacher recruitment programs to educate, recruit, and retain educators, including substitute teachers and Education Support Professionals, during the first five years of their professional career.

The toolkit provides descriptions of successful recruitment models and links to resource materials, such as course content and brochures. A checklist for successful program models and a glossary of terms are also included.

NEA recommends this resource for educating stakeholders about the need to establish and sustain effective models for educator recruitment and retention and for designing and implementing those models.

Read An On-Line Toolkit for Recruiting a Qualified and Diverse Teaching Workforce.