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NEA President urges passage of pension bill negotiated with labor unions

Dennis Van Roekel: Senate Bill 2404 will help Illinois get its fiscal house in order

WASHINGTON - May 15, 2013 -

Senate Bill 2404 (SB 2404), the pension bill public employee unions, negotiated with Illinois Senate President John Cullerton, was approved by the full Senate last week and now heads to the House. Below is a statement by NEA President Dennis Van Roekel.

“The state of Illinois can take a huge step toward remedying the damage done by past legislatures and governors by accepting the offer by teachers, firefighters, police officers, and other public employees to make changes to their pensions.

“Senate Bill 2404, the pension legislation, was negotiated by members of the We Are One Illinois union coalition and Illinois Senate President John Cullerton and will save $46 billion over 30 years. Our state affiliate, the Illinois Education Association, should be applauded for stepping up, along with the other coalition members and proving once again that unions are problem-solvers.

“By accepting changes in their pension benefits, the public employees and retirees represented by the coalition unions showed they were willing to help address a problem they had no hand in creating. SB 2404 will help Illinois get its fiscal house in order and, at the same time, stabilize the state pension systems, while helping to ensure the systems will be able to continue to deliver benefits for decades to come.

“The Illinois House of Representatives is urged to pass, and Gov. Pat Quinn should sign, SB 2404.”

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