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How to Create a Degrees Not Debt Sponsored Event

Thank you for agreeing to host a Degrees Not Debt event in support of our students and adults struggling with student loan debt.

Here is how you list your event online so NEA can help support it.

1. Go to the NEA’s Degrees Not Debt event campaign page.

2. Click “Host an Event for this Event Campaign.”

3. Fill in your event title, along with the location, date, and time details. You can customize the attendee instructions with information specific to your own event. Be sure to select "notify me when someone RSVPs" if you'd like to receive email notifications from the form.

4. Click to save and go to the next step.

5. Customize instructions for your attendees. This is what people will see after they RSVP, so include any important links to materials, or instructions about where to congregate, how to access the location, or particular things/colors to wear. Click to save and publish.