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NEA: Kansas Chemistry teacher calls out Gov. Brownback on his “real life” experiment

Brownback’s failed experiment is hurting Kansas’ students and schools

WASHINGTON - October 10, 2014 -

The Mess” is the latest NEA Advocacy Fund ad aimed at keeping Kansas Governor Sam Brownback honest about his failed experiment on schools and students. The ad is the second of two ads in a significant six-figure television and digital ad buy that began airing in the Wichita and Topeka media markets starting Oct. 9. “The Mess” will run through Oct. 17.

Governor Sam Brownback’s experiment with public education has failed Kansas’ students and schools,” said NEA Political Director Karen White. “He’s making a mess out of the Sunflower State. Our kids are not an experiment. The $56.6 million education budget cut that he signed goes so deep that students and schools are paying the price. Class sizes have increased, schools have closed, and school districts are on the brink. College tuition rates have gone up. To experiment with our kids is disappointing, misguided, and just plain wrong.”

“We need to elect leaders who will set the right priorities and make the right choices: investing in education and preparing our children for the jobs of the 21st century, putting students and families ahead of ideology and politics. Instead of balancing the budget on the backs of students, we need our elected leaders to focus their efforts on rebuilding Kansas’ economy in order to move the state forward,” concluded White.

Ad script

  Chemistry teacher Anton Ahrens: As a chemistry teacher, I’ve seen my share of good experiments...
  Anton: ...and bad ones.
  Anton: Then there's Governor Brownback’s “experiment.” He signed the largest single cut to education in Kansas history –
  Brownback: We’ll see how it works, we’ll have a real live experiment.
  Anton: And here’s what happened.
  Anton: Schools closed.
  Anton: Class sizes increased.
  Anton: And tuition at our universities went up.
  Anton: Governor, your experiment has failed.
  Anton: And it’s made a mess in Kansas.

The NEA Advocacy Fund, NEA’s independent expenditure PAC, paid for this ad and is responsible for its content.

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