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NEA: Hawaii can’t afford to go back to the bad Lingle-Aiona days

Good news is there’s a clear choice to move Hawaii forward in David Ige for governor

WASHINGTON - October 14, 2014 -

The NEA Advocacy Fund today launched “Enough,” a television and digital ad to remind voters in Hawaii about the bad days of the Lingle-Aiona administration. The significant ad buy is six figures and is scheduled to run starting Oct. 14 through Oct. 20 in Hawaii’s media market.

“Duke Aiona can pretend that he wasn’t there during the Lingle-Aiona administration,” said Karen White, NEA Political Director. “The truth of the matter is that voters are smart and they recall the bad policies that led to schools closures and furlough Fridays, which denied students 17 days of classroom learning and were hard on parents and working families. They recall that as Lingle’s Lieutenant Governor, Aiona pushed $100 million in cuts to education funding. Educators certainly won’t forget those cuts because some cuts never heal. The cuts that the Lingle-Aiona team pushed went so deep that students and schools paid the price.”

“Hawaii needs to go in a new direction,” said White. “Voters need to elect leaders like David Ige because he will invest in education to prepare our children for the jobs of the 21st century. He will put students and families ahead of politics. David Ige will focus his efforts on rebuilding the economy in order to move Hawaii forward.”

Ad script

  Hawaii Teacher #1: How could Hawaii ever forget?
  Hawaii Teacher #2: It was bad enough the Linda Lingle/Duke Aiona Furlough Fridays denied students seventeen days of classroom learning.
  Hawaii Teacher #3: But the Lingle-Aiona Furlough Fridays were also a terrible hardship for parents and working families.
  Hawaii Teacher #2: Then, when parents asked to be heard, Governor Lingle threated to arrest them.
  Hawaii Teacher #1: And Lingle-Aiona cut a hundred million dollars from public education.
  Hawaii Teacher #2: So, now, Duke Aiona wants to be governor?
  Hawaii Teacher #3: We can’t go back. We need to move Hawaii forward.
  Hawaii Teacher #1: With David Ige, Democrat for Governor.

The NEA Advocacy Fund, NEA’s independent expenditure PAC, paid for this ad and is responsible for its content.

To view the television ad, please click here or visit here

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