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raise your hand for amazing girls & women!

Content strategist, creator and editor-in-chief of Single Mom Nation blog, Jessica Ashley has great advice on how to make amazing women the main characters of our stories and creative inspiration. Read How to bring great women (and girls!) to life through books and get inspired!




raise your hand for being bilingual!

Jeannette Kaplun is a journalist, prominent Latina blogger, founder of Hispanic Global and mother of two. In Why teaching your kids a second language is priceless she explains the advantages of being bilingual.




raise your hand for art!

Caroline Gravino is a video producer, creative and designer. In Nurturing Your Childs Inner Artist she gives tips and tools on how to bring out the artist in your child.




raise your hand for growing up!

Dresden Shumaker is a digital content creator, writer and mom. In What kind of school would a garbage truck driver go to? she discusses with her son, known as W, what he wants to be when he grows up.




raise your hand for math!

Casey Carey-Brown is a writer, blogger, poet, and mom. She teaches her daughter Riley (A.K.A. Roozle) that Math Is Everywhere and not just an equation on a worksheet.




raise your hand for dreams!

Ciaran Blumenfeld is a writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and mom of four. In On The Importance of Shifting and Following Your Dreams, Blumenfeld takes a page from her teenage years to create a road map for her daughter’s growth.



raise your hand for learning styles!

Meagan Francis is a writer, thinker, author, and mother of five. In Kinesthetic, Auditory, Verbal? What multiple intelligences can teach you about your child’s learning style, see how she figured out what she thought was a homework distraction...was actually helping her child learn!



raise your hand for holiday learning!

Jane Maynard is a graphic designer, photographer, blogger, and mom. In Fun Learning During the Thanksgiving Break!, you'll give thanks for her holiday tips to keep your kids productive, engaged, and learning!



raise your hand for bedtime!

Christine Koh is a music and brain scientist turned writer, editor, designer, consultant, and mom. In Why Bedtime Routines are So Important For Young Learners, she emphasizes the key steps to minimize bedtime struggles and maximize your kids' chances for success (and yours, too)!


talking to kids about peer pressure

C. C. Chapman is public speaker, author, entrepreneur, and dad of two teenagers. In How I Talk to My Kids About Peer Pressure, he's got some great advice for parents to guide children in that age-old challenge they'll encounter over and over again: making good decisions in the face of peer pressure.


talking to your kids about the hard stuff

Danielle Smith is a digital correspondent, host, storyteller, media trainer, author, and mom of two. In Intruder Drills In Schools: Talking to Your Kids About the Hard Stuff, she spells out the conversations to have at home and the questions you can ask your child's school to reinforce your kids' faith in the drills designed to keep them safe.


raise your hand for healthy breakfast!

Rachel Matthews is a food blogger, photographer, wife, and mom of two. In The Importance of Breakfast, she's got some nourishing, easy-to-manage ideas for parents who have to plan the most important meal of the day on the fly.



Raising Strong Students: Study Hapbits for Smart Kids

Amy Mascott is a reading specialist, consultant, writer, and mom of three. In Raising Strong Students: Study Habits for Smart Kids, she shows you how to set up habits and routines that set your kids up for long-term academic success.



Homework Spaces for Kids: Essential, Easy

Jennifer McFadden writes about topics of interest to busy parents. In Homework Spaces for Kids: Essential, Easy, this mom of three shows you some great tips for creating homework stations your kids will WANT to use - no remodeling required!




While we reflect on the International Day of Peace (September 21, 2014), Elena Sonnino, wellnes/travel writer, mom, and former teacher offers her thoughts about the conversations we should be having with our children every day: Travel Teaches Kids about Tolerance.



Miss the #NEAB2S 
Twitter Chat?

Check out the recap on Storify!

@Lily_NEA and  @NEAToday hosted a Twitter chat on September 2, 2014, along with @pragmaticmom, @teachmama and @techsavvymama, to discuss how parents and educators can work together to make it a great school year.

Parent Guides: Practical Information Parents Can Use

  • Developed through a joint effort between NEA and National Parent Teacher Association (PTA), our two-page parent guides provide parents and caregivers with fundamental tools to encourage their children's success in school.
  • The Parents’ Guides to Student Success were developed by teachers, parents, and education experts in response to the Common Core State Standards. Created for grades K-8 high school English language arts/literacy and mathematics the guides provide clear, consistent expectations for what students should be learning at each grade to be prepared for college and career.

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Parent School Partnerships

Share your stories of successful collaborations between educators, parents and community leaders.

Engaged Families and Communities

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