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NEA on the Administration’s Community Colleges Proposal

NEA’s Lily Eskelsen García: Education has always been the gateway to success

WASHINGTON - January 09, 2015 -

President Obama today will propose to offer 2 years of tuition-free education for hardworking students. National Education Association President Lily Eskelsen García reiterated NEA’s commitment to provide an affordable college education to all students:

“We applaud the Administration’s effort to make college more affordable for more students. Education has always been the gateway to success and far too many students are graduating with mountains of debt. At a time when post-secondary education has become even more important, students and their families are scrambling to pay for that education.

“The devil is always in the details but the President is right to continue pushing to make the dream of a college education more attainable for more students and families. And we can’t forget to invest in faculty and staff to ensure our students are receiving the quality education they deserve.

“We hope that Congress can work together with the Administration to make this a successful, sustainable program, as access to an affordable, quality post-secondary education for all students who want it is crucial to our success as a nation.”

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