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NEA President: Voters are looking for a leader to unite, not divide, Americans

Clinton ‘piles on victories,’ solidifies ‘her commanding lead’ in Super Tuesday wins

WASHINGTON - March 01, 2016 -

Hillary Clinton tonight solidified her commanding lead in the Democratic primary after piling up wins on Super Tuesday, in which 11 states and American Samoa went to the polls or caucused. NEA’s Educators for Hillary program continues to play a defining role in the grassroots effort that has pushed Clinton to widen her lead in the Democratic presidential primary.

In addition to phone-banking and organizing supporters on behalf of the Clinton campaign in states participating in Super Tuesday contests—including this past weekend in Texas, Arkansas, Colorado and Virginia—NEA’s Educators for Hillary program also has been busy with its robust, targeted and strategic communications and field operations, which have included digital ads, and other traditional GOTV operations.

The following statement can be attributed to NEA President Lily Eskelsen García:

“Tonight, it became clear that voters are looking for somebody who is prepared to take on the many difficult challenges our country is facing, a leader who will unite, rather than divide, Americans. Hillary Clinton is that leader. As she has done her entire adult life, she will work hard to break down the barriers facing so many in this country, and she will stand up against the fear and hateful rhetoric used by candidates like Donald Trump.

“As she piles on victories, and with the pledged delegate count growing with each win, Hillary solidified her commanding lead tonight in the quest to become the Democratic nominee for president. As the campaign moves forward, educators across the country will continue to make their presence known because we know that Hillary will fight for every student to succeed, regardless of her or his ZIP code.”

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