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Community Schools

NEW: The Six Pillars of Community Schools Toolkit

The Six Pillars of Community Schools Toolkit is an NEA resource guide for educators, families, and communities. Download your Toolkit here ( PDF, 3.16 MB, 108 pgs.).


Community Schools: As Unique as the Children They Serve

What is a Community School?

A Community School is at the center of the community – open all day, every day, to everyone – that brings together academics, health and social services, youth and community development and community engagement under one roof, leading to improved learning, stronger families, and healthier communities.

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Can Community Schools Dampen the School Takeover Fever?

Collaborative, grassroots efforts help turn around struggling schools..

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Snake Oil (and vouchers) Don't Work. Community Schools Do!

Why everything about "school choice" leaves students out in the cold.

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MN educators advance community schools

Community schools  draw the attention many educators say they deserve.

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Community Schools: A Strategy for Transforming Struggling Schools

The NEA Teacher Quality Department invites you to watch our six-part webinar series that explores the Community School Strategy for transforming struggling schools.

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Each community school is unique, responsive to and reflective of the needs and aspirations of the students, families, and communities within its reach. However, the most successful of these schools are built on these "Six Pillars":

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From Lily's Blackboard:
Community Schools: As Unique as the Children They Serve