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Hillary Clinton clinches historic nomination

NEA’s Educators for Hillary pledge to keep pounding the pavement through Election Day

WASHINGTON - June 07, 2016 -

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination for President of the United States tonight, becoming the first woman in a major party to do so. The National Education Association proudly played a key role in helping Clinton surpass the 2,383 delegate threshold needed to become the nominee. Since recommending Clinton for the Democratic primary last October, NEA members across the country have volunteered by the tens of thousands to get her elected to the White House.

“Today is huge! Hillary Clinton became the presumptive Democratic nominee, making history as the first woman nominated for president of any party,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. “She is a proven leader who has been dedicated her whole life to tearing down barriers for Americans. She, more than anyone in this race for president, fundamentally believes a child’s chance of success should not depend on living in the right ZIP code. Students and educators know that we have a champion in Hillary Clinton.”

NEA’s Educators for Hillary program is designed to organize and engage NEA members to volunteer for Hillary. The program is playing a critical role in the grassroots movement that pushed her to clinch the Democratic nomination. Since Clinton earned the NEA recommendation, NEA members have knocked on more than 94,000 doors, made over 276,000 phone calls, and engaged more than 450,000 members across the country. In fact, their efforts in this primary alone more than tripled NEA’s activism levels during the entirety of the 2012 presidential election in total.

“As we watch the disaster that is Donald Trump, we are reminded about what is at stake in this election,” said Eskelsen García. “His misguided and reckless vision would take the country in the wrong direction. He is too dangerous, uninformed, and unfit to lead this country. In contrast, Hillary is a supremely qualified leader who possesses the right temperament to be our commander in chief. The choice couldn’t be clearer.”

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