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NEA President: Debate exposes Trump as unfit for president, Clinton wins

Eskelsen García: Trump fails role model test for students, educators

WASHINGTON, DC - September 26, 2016 -

NEA President Lily Eskelsen García swiftly praised Hillary Clinton for ably exposing Donald Trump as unfit for office during tonight’s first Presidential debate while cohesively presenting a clear, positive vision to move the country forward as tens of millions of Americans watched. Eskelsen García also emphasized that Trump failed students’ and educators’ positive role model test.

The following statement can be attributed to NEA President Lily Eskelsen García:

 “Tonight’s debate was a study of stark contrasts. Hillary Clinton demonstrated that she is the only candidate ready to provide steady leadership as our next commander in chief. She punctuated her performance with a solid grasp of the issues affecting Americans, and offered actual plans on how to improve the problems we face. Hillary Clinton articulated her belief that we’re stronger when we stand together as one nation rather than when we are divided. And she reminded voters that she is uniquely qualified to run this country. Hands down, she won tonight’s debate.

“In contrast, Donald Trump again revealed an erratic temperament that should concern Americans. He embraced insults instead of facts and seemed unprepared to face the tough questions. Trump lacked a single concrete plan for moving our nation forward. In short, he’s unfit to make the right choices and tough decisions to run this country.

Educators want a leader who has the ability to bring the country together, not tear us apart. We need a positive role model for our students. What happens on the campaign trail—the hostile, vitriolic and hateful rhetoric our students are hearing—doesn’t stay on the campaign trail, or at the debate hall. Trump’s wholehearted disdain for the truth and fear-mongering sound bites were on full display again. Tonight, Donald Trump continued to set a bad example for our students as he continues his push to divide America through insults.

“We want a leader who brings a vision of greater opportunity for all, not just a few. We want a leader who has a proven track record of delivering results. The choice is clear. That candidate is Hillary Clinton, and tonight she masterfully conveyed why she is our choice for president.” 

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