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Nevada Educators and National Education Association Join in Clark County Suit

State and national unions seek to support and unify Clark County educators

LAS VEGAS - September 21, 2017 -

Today, the National Education Association (NEA) and the Nevada State Education Association (NSEA) joined together, in a lawsuit, to support and unify educators in Clark County. This morning, NSEA President Ruben Murillo Jr. and NEA President Lily Eskelsen García sent the following message to members of the Clark County Education Association:

“When Nevada educators join their local association, you become a part of a three-part organization— your local association, NSEA, and the NEA. Members pay dues to all three organizations, which are used to pay for the benefits that you rely on. From special education teachers to those teaching history or gym, all member educators rely on NSEA's legal and liability services or NEA’s life insurance services to provide peace of mind for you and your families so that you can focus on inspiring every student’s natural curiosity and desire to learn.

“CCEA President Vikki Courtney and the CCEA board, led by executive director John Vellardita, made a choice that endangers members by withholding the dues that pay for these valuable benefits. Withholding dues jeopardizes NSEA’s and NEA’s ability to provide those benefits without interruption—a serious concern for NEA and NSEA.

“We know that you and other CCEA members are busy and stressed with concerns over budget cuts that hurt your classrooms and maintaining your health benefits. You rely on the comfort that your state organization has your back and NSEA will take all appropriate actions to stop potential threats to that security.

“Ask any educator why they do what they do and we will tell you it's because we love kids. Educators work hard to give every student the opportunity for success. You deserve a local association that is unified, strong, and supportive of educators so that you can feel confident in your mission to provide a quality public education for all students.

“NEA and NSEA want to assure you that the organizations are committed to preventing further disruption in the services you pay for. Both organizations also want to emphasize the importance of, and our commitment to, a strong, unified, three-part organization—one you expected to be a part of when joining your local association. “


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