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Organizing at NEA

When we organize, we cultivate people’s capacity to do and be more. That is why our Center for Organizing hosts various events throughout the year that feed into each other creating a never ending cycle of organizing. These events ensure that both our current and potential members, are seeing the capability within them to make meaningful changes in our education system to benefit students, their profession, and themselves.

Effective organizing results in increased member engagement of significant numbers of educators, expanding leadership, and real wins in the policies and practices that impact our members, our schools, our students and our communities - grounded in our values of equity, opportunity, and racial justice, which is why organizing is not only at the center of NEA’s work but ongoing on a daily basis.

Back to School 

Through this campaign, NEA is not only providing new educators with tailored professional support,but we will also cultivate a loyal relationship by demonstrating its relevance to new educators at the start of their career. Check out some of our resources.


Winter Worksite

The Winter Worksite Campaign aims to invest in local affiliates around the nation to drive continued recruitment and retention. The goal of this work is to re-engage with prospects identified in the New Ed campaign, help locals build capacity and strengthen the bond between members and the Association at all levels. Read more about how to get involved in this program.


Education Summer

EdSummer is what happens when you gather educators committed to improving public education, help them brush up on their organizing skills, and let them use their new set of tools to better a community. Find out how to become involved.




We want to make it easy to talk to fellow educators about the issues important to them. Here are some of the best resources to support members and potential member: