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NEA announces Kim Anglin Anderson as its next executive director

Equity and excellence activist becomes 12th executive director and 1st woman and person of color in that position

WASHINGTON - June 26, 2019 -

President Lily Eskelsen García announced the appointment of Kim Anglin Anderson to serve as the next executive director of the National Education Association.

“In our search for a new executive director, we wanted a leader who shared our values and whose commitment to our mission was equal to our own. The leader had to be an exceptional strategic thinker and have a deep understanding of the strengths and needs of our members and students. In choosing Kim Anderson, we have more than achieved those goals,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García.

Anderson has an accomplished career of service to NEA’s members and students that spans more than 15 years. Starting in 2001, as a staff lobbyist, she first used her policy expertise to advocate for NEA members in Congress and then, in 2008, led NEA’s independent political programs and national issue advocacy efforts. In 2009, her sharp strategic vision earned her a leadership role as NEA’s government relations director, where she secured increased funding for students, healthcare, and education jobs. Two years later, she created and led NEA’s Center for Advocacy and Outreach. There, she accelerated NEA’s student-centered advocacy, maintained NEA’s strong advocacy for its members’ economic security and professional voice, and helped strengthen NEA’s professional support to reflect members’ commitment to students as well as to social and racial justice.

Anderson has served for the last three years as the executive vice president of the Democracy Alliance, bringing her deep expertise in collaborative problem solving to bear on the national stage. “She’s a catalyst for progress, who has brought leaders together to promote civic empowerment, voting rights and expansion of the electorate, winning state and local elections, progressive leadership development, economic and climate justice, and empowering new American majority communities. She is a social justice patriot with a life-long commitment to breaking down barriers and empowering others,” said NEA Executive Director John Stocks.

As a young lawyer, she fought for African-American farmers to remedy decades of institutional racism and paved the way for the largest civil rights settlement in American history at the time.

“I am so honored to be coming home and stepping into this role to advocate and support NEA members and their students. I have a deep reverence for the role NEA and our members have played in our country’s history and the role we can and should play in empowering educators to fulfill the promise of public education for every student,” said Anderson.

Anderson sent a strong message about the future of public education in her announcement to the NEA family. “The pursuit of education equity and excellence has always been my greatest passion and I am committed to building on NEA’s strategic vision through collaborative partnerships with our leaders, staff, affiliates, and our many allies. Together, we’ll strengthen our culture of organizing and our commitment to be an active steward of our civic and democratic norms. We’ll tap into our members’ expertise to drive support for all 3 million members with their professional practice and to elevate our professions.”

Anderson, in particular, highlighted the organization’s new initiatives in racial justice that she helped to launch in 2015. “I share a strong personal commitment—and so much pride—in NEA’s efforts to confront racism in public education. If we don’t achieve racial justice in our schools, we cannot expect to achieve it in our society. It begins with us.”

Anderson, who will take the helm as of September 1, 2019, will become the first woman and first person of color to serve as the Executive Director of NEA.

John Stocks, the current Executive Director of NEA and the 11th person to hold that position, will step into a new role as a senior advisor to the organization focused on building the resources to defend our Democracy and create victories for students and working families in the 2020 elections.

“NEA is more than a membership organization,” said Anderson. “NEA has been the greatest champion of public education that America has ever known. And I also believe that NEA, through the passion, knowledge, and organizing of its members, is one of the most critical institutions to the maintenance of our democracy. Together, we will create a future fueled by our members, worthy of our students, and essential to the nation.”

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Miguel A. Gonzalez, NEA Communications


NEA announces Kim Anglin Anderson as its next Executive Director | Lily's Blackboard, June 25, 2019