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The NEA/AFL-CIO Labor Solidarity Partnership

In 2006, the NEA and AFL-CIO entered into an historic agreement that created a process for allowing local NEA affiliates to join their local AFL-CIO central labor councils. Called the NEA/AFL-CIO Labor Solidarity Partnership (LSP), local affiliates accepted into this program have the same rights and responsibilities as the AFL-CIO’s member unions.

This webpage provides information about the affiliation process, dues structure, and other information. Additional information can be found on the AFL-CIO’s website:

If further information is needed about the affiliation process, please contact the NEA: Sabrina Tines, Senior Director, NEA Center for Governance, at Mary Alice Heretick, Senior Professional Associate, at or (202) 822-7304.

For questions about the dues structure, please contact the AFL-CIO:

Phone: 1-877-90-UNITY (1-877-908-6489) or 202-639-6425