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2020 News Releases

North Carolina teacher elected to NEA executive committee - September 1, 2020

NEA Launches New Ad Highlighting What Is At Stake In November - August 28, 2020

Joint statement from the presidents of the National Education Association and Wisconsin Education Association Council about the shooting of Jacob Blake - August 24, 2020

Trump administration designates teachers as ‘essential workers’ to force educators into unsafe schools - August 21, 2020

Statement from NEA President on Changes to Postal Service Operations - August 18, 2020

Trump has failed to lead at every step of pandemic, economic crisis - August 12, 2020

NEA President: The Biden-Harris Ticket Is “Dream Team” For Public Education And Students - August 11, 2020

Remarks as prepared for delivery by Becky Pringle, president-elect of the National Education Association, upon announcement of election results - August 6, 2020

NEA elects Pringle, Moss and Candelaria to leadership - August 6, 2020

Oregon physical education teacher reelected to NEA executive committee - August 5, 2020

Texas special education teacher elected secretary-treasurer of NEA - August 5, 2020

Pennsylvania science teacher elected president of NEA - August 5, 2020

Virginia music teacher elected vice president of NEA - August 5, 2020

Trump doubles down on threats to withhold federal funding while pushing vouchers that steal scarce money from public schools - July 23, 2020

NEA to McConnell: ‘Do your job, quit playing politics, start negotiating and pass legislation that isn’t full of callous catches, caveats and carve outs’ - July 23, 2020

Kentucky Native Elected New NEA-Aspiring Educators Chair - July 22, 2020

NEA: Biden’s Economic Recovery Plan Will Strengthen America’s Main Street Economy - July 21, 2020

Florida educators file lawsuit to protect health and well-being of students, educators and communities - July 20, 2020

With passing of Rep. John Lewis, we mourn loss of a true hero - July 18, 2020

NEA President Applauds Joe Biden’s Roadmap to Reopening Schools Safely - July 17, 2020

NEA responds to reopening guidelines from National Academy of Sciences - July 15, 2020

NEA Launches New Round of Ads in Battleground States Calling on Senators to Support Funding to Reopen School Buildings Safely - July 15, 2020

NEA President Demands DeVos Cancel Her Political Events; Instead Focus On Helping Reopen Schools Safely - July 13

Pediatricians, educators and superintendents urge a safe return to school this fall - July 10, 2020

JOINT STATEMENT: Educators and parents respond to Trump push to reopen schools - July 7, 2020

Trump, DeVos ignore educators on what it will take to reopen schools safely - July 7, 2020

Remarks as prepared for delivery by Lily Eskelsen García, President, National Education Association, to House Committee on Financial Services - July 7, 2020

Biden To Educators: "You are the most important profession in the United States. You are the ones that give these kids wings.” - July 3, 2020

Greta Thunberg receives NEA’s Friend of Education Award for climate change activism - July 3, 2020

Remarks as prepared for delivery by Tabatha Rosproy, 2020 National Teacher of the Year, to the 99th Representative Assembly - July 3, 2020

Remarks as prepared for delivery by Elizabeth Davenport, NEA Higher Educator of the Year, to the 99th Representative Assembly - July 3, 2020

Remarks as prepared for delivery by Andrea Beeman, 2020 NEA Education Support Professional of the Year, to the 99th NEA Representative Assembly - July 3, 2020

Alabama State University Professor Honored as 2020 Higher Educator of the Year - July 3, 2020

Remarks as prepared for delivery by Kim A. Anderson, Executive Director, National Education Association, to the 99th Representative Assembly - July 3, 2020

NEA slams Trump-Devos pursuit of school vouchers in COVID relief package - July 2, 2020

Remarks as prepared for delivery by Lily Eskelsen García, President, National Education Association, to the 99th Representative Assembly - July 2, 2020

NEA applauds House passage of Moving Forward Act, calls on Senate to act - July 1, 2020

NEA welcomes Coronavirus Child Care and Education Relief Act - July 1, 2020

NEA honors everyday heroes who fight for racial and social justice - July 1, 2020

Conservative Supreme Court opens the door for DeVos’s voucher schemes - June 30, 2020

NEA to host virtual Representative Assembly July 2-3 - June 26, 2020

DeVos's latest rule change under CARES Act money ‘is as clear as mud’ - June 25, 2020

Stacey Abrams and Philando Castile Relief Foundation among distinguished NEA honorees - June 25, 2020

Joe Biden to Address NEA’s Virtual Representative Assembly - June 23, 2020

Trump Administration’s Rescission of DACA “Arbitrary and Capricious:” DACA Remains in Place - June 18, 2020

NEA Vice President addresses House Committee on Education and Labor about how to reopen K-12 school buildings safely - June 15, 2020

NEA President responds to Supreme Court LGBTQ decision - June 15, 2020

Analysis shows loss of 1.9 million education jobs in public schools, universities - June 10, 2020

NEA President issues statement about killing of George Floyd - May 27, 2020

Trump watered down CDC school reopening guidelines to flimsy flowchart - May 18, 2020

NEA applauds House passage of HEROES Act, asks Senate to pass relief bill - May 15, 2020

Educators and parents join to tell Congress to support students now - May 14, 2020

Educators and parents join together to tell Congress to support students now - May 13, 2020

NEA President: Final Title IX rule is shocking, offensive, and defies logic - May 6, 2020

National Poll Shows Overwhelming Parent Support for Educators During COVID-19 Crisis - April 30, 2020

Trump’s call to reopen school buildings is dangerous for students, staff - April 28, 2020

NEA: Congress should grant Census Bureau an 120-day extension due to the COVID-19 pandemic - April 28, 2020

National Education Association To Host 2020 Representative Assembly Virtually Due To COVID-19 Pandemic - April 20, 2020

NEA Statement on Senator Bernie Sanders Suspending His Presidential Campaign - April 8, 2020

NEA condemns DeVos’ latest scheme to use scarce public dollars for vouchers - March 30

NEA joins other public unions urging U.S. Chamber of Commerce to stop lobbying against Defense Production Act - March 29, 2020

NEA calls Congress’ latest COVID-19 package another crucial step forward - March 26, 2020

Ohio Paraprofessional Named Education Support Professional of the Year - March 25, 2020

NEA joins 16 other public, private education associations in joint statement on Senate COVID-19 response bill - March 24, 2020

NEA to Congress: Put people first to alleviate suffering caused by COVID-19 - March 19, 2020

NEA Calling on Schools Nationwide to Close - March 16, 2020

NEA: Biden “is the partner students and educators need" - March 14, 2020

NEA: Biden “es el aliado que los estudiantes y educadores necesitan” - March 14, 2020

Senate Rebukes DeVos with Bipartisan Vote Overturning Cruel Borrower Defense Rule - March 11, 2020

NEA Statement on Upcoming Educator Conferences - March 6, 2020

NEA Rebrands Read Across America to “Celebrate a Nation of Diverse Readers” - February 28, 2020

Educators call on Congress to reject heartless Trump/DeVos budget - February 10, 2020

NEA: Trump puts DeVos’s agenda front and center in his State of the Union - February 4, 2010

NEA: Students deserve better than the Trump/DeVos school privatization agenda - January 31, 2020

NEA kicks off “We Count” campaign to promote participation in 2020 census - January 30, 2020

Educators Slam Voucher Case Before Supreme Court - January 22, 2020

NEA: Latest Legislative Report Card shows some signs of bipartisanship - January 21, 2020

Educators Applaud Bipartisan House Vote Overturning DeVos Borrower Defense Rules - January 16, 2020