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Statement from NEA President on Changes to Postal Service Operations

WASHINGTON - August 18, 2020 -

National Education Association President Lily Eskelsen García released the following statement in reaction to recent reports of changes to United States Postal Service operations:

“Donald Trump is openly attempting to sabotage the Postal Service and rig the election in his favor, and that’s nothing short of an assault on our democracy.  His corrupt management of the Postal Service is aimed at undermining confidence in the integrity of mail-in ballots and is nothing more than a desperate attempt to scare Americans away from participating in this election.

"What makes this even is more egregious is the everyday harm he will inflict on Americans. From the 500,000 seniors who depend on the mail to receive Social Security benefits, to the 330,000 military veterans who receive 120 million prescriptions by mail each year, any disruption of the Postal Service will have tragic consequences on the lives of many Americans. Trump has made clear that there is no bottom for his malice, but thwarting a service that it is mandated by our Constitution represents a new low in his never-ending insults to American values and public servants. The postmaster general’s statement today walked back some changes following public outcry but is short on detail and does not address the harm already done. We will continue to continue to hold this administration accountable and be vigilant in ensuring that the Postal Service is not disrupted. Congress must act now to ensure that the integrity of our elections and democracy is upheld.”

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