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Best of Works 4 Me: Classroom Setup

These teaching tips and strategies will help you get ideas for setting up a classroom layout that works best for you.

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Works4Me is a free biweekly e-newsletter, showcasing practical classroom tips written by the readers themselves. For more than 10 years we have been gathering great ideas from the real experts, educators like you.

Here are some of the best classroom set-up teaching tips we've gathered over the years to help you create a safe, fun, practical learning space.

Creative Spaces

Ditching the Desks for a More Open Classroom
A classroom without desks? Here's how Ms. Cluff created a learning space that works well for her students AND her.

Hide-a-Way Curtain
Ms. Stapp's classroom had very little storage space, so she got creative! See how she not only solved her storage problem, but also added lots of utility toward improving her classroom setup.

Homemade "Offices"
Ms. Wimmer made her own study carrels from recycled materials. Learn about the inexpensive way she created privacy barriers for her students (they call them "offices" using only cardboard boxes and pretty contact paper.

Kiosk Display
Bulletin board space can be used up in a hurry, so Ms. Kast found a way to have more display space that takes up no floor space.

DIY Décor

Brightening Up the Classroom
Ms. Bryant has great suggestions for recycling colorful, discarded sheets to catch students’ attention and beautify your classroom.

Decorating Your High School Classroom
Learn how to create a calm high school classroom environment using these basic elements.

Hanging Student Work
Read how Ms. Keith easily displays and swaps student work from the walls of her classroom.

Strategic Seating

Arranging Desks
This educator offers great tips for classroom desk configurations that allow her to facilitate group/partner work while being able to make eye contact with every student. 

Classroom Design By Students
Learn how Ms. Roach turns the routine of setting up her classroom into a set of valuable learning activities.

Staging the Early Childhood Classroom
This veteran teacher cites two critical elements of classroom design when working with special needs students in preschool (IPOP) and kindergarten. Read more about her tip that helps children try new tasks and interact with different students.

Seating Arrangements
Ms. Sanders came up with a desk layout that lessens distractions. Best of all, she can monitor the entire class.

Summer Storage

Prepare Now for Back to School
Tips to set up your classroom now so that packing up for Summer is a breeze!

Storing Posters
This simple classroom setup idea can help you create a safe place to keep posters flat over the summer.

Sheets for Shelves 
Begin next year's classroom setup with a clean, dust-free start by using this tip at the end of the year!


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