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Best of Works 4 Me: Homework

These teaching tips and strategies will help you assign homework more effectively while motivating your students to complete their assignments.

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Homework Tracking Tips

Class Homework Checker
Having trouble tracking student homework? Enlist a student! Read about the way Ms. Murphy handles homework issues while saving precious classroom time.

Make-Up Binder
Ms. Meredith has finally discovered a method for keeping track of absent students’ make-up work. It’s simple, all it takes is a common notebook, and best of all, it places onus on the absent student for discovering what was missed.

Missing Assignments
Make-up work can get students off track and out of sync with the rest of the class. Luckily, Ms. Dwyer found  an approach minimizes the amount of work that a student does not complete. See how she does it!

Inspiring Incentives

Homework Completion Incentive
Ms. Yates has students who have trouble completing homework consistently, so she developed an incentive plan that not only encourages students to complete assignments on time each day but also focuses their attention on tests and quizzes.

Homework Lotto
Mr. Rogers' students are now handing their homework in on time. Why? He created a fun game with a prize at the end, that's why!

Homework Portfolio
Ms. Walton came up with a unique way to get students to turn in their homework on time. Best of all, this tip got them to assume more responsibility while eliminating grade anxiety at the end of each quarter.

Peer Homework Game
This veteran middle school teacher used a game to motivate students to do their homework (and do it well!). The best part? She no longer had to cajole her students; positive peer pressure worked its magic – and students loved it.

Keep Parents in the Picture

Daily Tweet
Find out how Ms. Ahlgren is using Twitter to keep students (and their parents!) up-to-date on classroom notices, homework, missed assignments, and more. 

Homework Calls
Ms. Budde thinks letting parents know that a student has not turned in a homework assigment helps make sure it doesn't happen again - and what better way to let them know than the student calling home to tell them?

Homework Tip
Ms. Keihle turns her outgoing voice mail greeting into a neat way to keep students - and parents - on track with homework. It also turned out to be a wonderful tool to encourage parents to communicate with her, too!

Parental Involvement Homework
Homework for the whole family! Ms. Shlegle helps parents connect with their child's school experience by sending home weekly parental involvement homework.

Teacher Timesavers

Checking Homework I
Ms. Gray uses two stratgies to grade homework and each cuts down on her paperwork. Read about her tips and see if they can save you some valuable time.

Checking Homework II
Here's a time-saver from Ms. Riche that she uses for collecting homework and selecting students. Read about how she does it by using a popular board game!

Leaving Homework to Chance
Getting students excited about homework AND cutting your paperwork in half! Does it sound too good to be true? Take a chance and check out this tip!


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