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Best of Works 4 Me: Grading

These teaching tips and strategies will help you save time, boost accuracy, and overcome the challenges of grading groups, participation, and effort.

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Grading Groups

Ensuring Accountability When Grading Groups Projects
Teaching teamwork can be a challenge, but this educator's tip fosters working together for the greater good where it counts the most - their grades.

Grading Group Projects Fairly
Ms. Cashell explains how she grades group projects fairly, making sure that each student in the group pulls his or her own weight and that both individual and team efforts are rewarded.

Effort and Participation

Encouraging Classroom Participation
The sound of silence is seldom a problem in Mr. Albrantdt’s science class. His students are eager to participate in classroom discussions. Find out why.

Responsibility Grades
An approach Ms. Willey uses when she has a particularly unruly group is something she learned from a colleague. "Responsibility Grades" promotes student responsiblity, and provides documentation of infractions to show parents, principal, etc.

Special Effort and Participation Grades
In Ms. Price's art class, effort and participation count for something. That's why she incorporates both into her grading scale. Read about the method she uses that creates a level playing field to all, regardless of talent and ability.

Minimizing Mistakes

Circuits in Physics Here's a way to keep grading accurate without students' wires getting crossed (literally) Read about Mr. Pasero's tip and see if it can work for you!

Color Coding Your Answer Key
The tedium of grading tests can result in errors - your errors! Here's a tip from Ms.Gaines that could be the "key" to accurate grading.

Plastic Seating Charts
Ms. Benson has found lots of shortcuts to manage grades. Her favorite way not only saves time (and errors) in grading, but also helps her and her subs keep track of student health issues and seating assignments.

Timesaving Tips

Absolute Deadlines
Ms. Steinberg uses her own deadlines to foster better student performance. See how this time-saving tip can work for you!

Checking Arithmetic
This tip from Ms. Williamson adds up to a time-saver for you, and an excellent lesson for your math learners.

Grading By Number
Mr. Crawley found he was spending too much time entering students’ grades on his computer. With a simple adjustment to his files, he reduced the time by 50 percent. Find out how he did it.

Overhead Transparency
Here's a time-saving tip from Mr. Lincoln. See how he uses a tranparency to get through grading very quickly and with accuracy.

Secret Test Number Codes
This tip is not only a time-saver for Ms. Truelove, it's a way she can save paper, too. Best of all, when she posts grades, students can't see everyone's grades - only their own.


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