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Best of Works 4 Me: Transitions

Tips and strategies to guide you and your students smoothly through the shifts and changes associated with learning, whether it's from activity to activity or from year to year.

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Changing Activities and Locations

Changing Signals
Keeping order while students change classes or switch from one activity to another can sometimes require all the patience you can muster. Here are some tips from Ms. Moreng that you might find very useful throughout your day.

Fun Ways To Engage Students During Transitions
When the bell rings to change classes, sometimes all learning engagement goes out the door, too. Here's a great way to capture your students' focus and attention the second they walk in your classroom.

Middle School Activity Breaks 
Research shows that physical activity during classroom transitions can improve academic performance. Here are some activities you can incorporate at your own discretion.

Timely Transitions
Fidgety, talkative, sauntering students can throw your well-plannd day way off-track. Here are some valuable tips that will help you make every second count!

Tips for Walking in the Hall Quietly
Ms. Gross assigns classroom jobs to help her class walk silently in the hallways. Learn how a Line Leader, Tapper, Door Holder, and setting landmark stopping zones help her students move from classroom to classroom smoothly and silently.

Transition Technique
Having trouble getting students to quiet down quickly and focus when you transition to a new activity? Ms. Ortiz shares an entertaining and effective strategy – and students will love singing along with you!

Elementary School Transitions

Call and Response Cues
What do waterfalls, bananas, and slugs have in common? They are all part of Ms. Stevens’ method of getting her fourth-graders’ attention easily and quickly.

Easy Transitioning for Little Ones
You’ve finished one activity, but before you can start the next one a few students are already straggling about. Ms. Postman has six suggestions to help you shepherd young students from one activity to the next quickly and easily.

Middle and High School Transitions

Positive Relationships with Law Enforcement
Here's a great tip to show incoming high school students how much people care about them, their safety, and their high school experience.

Setting High Expectations and Believing in Students
Teaching hard-to-reach students - especially in the higher grades - can be daunting, but this very thoughtful tip may help you recognize their potential and uniqueness and help THEM see it, too.

Unlocking Anxiety
Many upper elementary students have anxiety about entering middle school. Everything will be new - including lockers. Read about Mr. Soborio's thoughtful tip that helps them feel comfortable using combination locks.


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