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School Based Mentor Support Pool Lesson Plan

From NEA's Center for Great Public Schools


  1. To provide new teachers with school-based mentoring that is more informal than that which is provided through a more traditional mentoring role.
  2. To activate everyone’s involvement in supporting early career teachers.
  3. Creating a supportive school culture
  4. Empowers teachers to activate their own community of support.


  • Large graphic on chart paper with each of the buckets and a slot for name(s) of professionals within the building who can be contacted for each area and their contact info.
  • Print out of bucket descriptions
  • Markers


  1. The handout describing the different buckets should either be distributed before the meeting or at the meeting. Give everyone time to read and review.
  2. Professionals sign up on the Bucket List graphic with their contact info. (Buckets can be altered depending on the needs and the school context).
  3. Professionals count off by 2’s.
  4. Form two circles with 1’s inside and 2’s on the outside.
  5. 1’s should rotate clockwise and 2’s rotate counter clockwise.
  6. As they rotate, share in 1 minute, who they are; role, grade, and subject; and how they can provide support in a given area.


  • Final graphic should be posted in the lounge or other staff area for easy reference.
  • An electronic version of volunteers should be distributed to staff.

What the Buckets Include:

Parent Communication

  • Phone calls
  • Conference readiness
  • Back-to-school night
  • Family nights

Emotional Support

  • Quick inspirational notes/comments
  • Check-ins


  • Acknowledging success
  • What’s going well conversations
  • Bringing in a treat


  • District platforms
  • Data input
  • SmartBoards/document cameras
  • computers/software

Time Management

  • Help prioritizing and calendaring to lessen anxiety and overload
  • Work/life balance.....asking teacher what they’re doing for fun or the weekend. Time away from school

Classroom Management

  • Rules
  • Procedures
  • Positive behavior supports
  • Routines
  • environment/transitions/location of materials

Teacher evaluation support

  • Help navigate system and help prepare or re ect
  • Assessment Communication Tools
  • Disclosure statements (letters to parents that outline curriculum, management, grading)
  • Syllabus writing
  • Conveying info about student progress
  • Monitoring student progress with teams/parents

Data Analysis

  • Helping teachers look at student assessment to inform instruction and lesson planning


  • Looking at student learner pro les/data and thinking through lesson modi cation and accommodation

Wellness for self and class

  • Acknowledging that may need to deviate from lesson plan or take brain breaks
  • Brainbreak or calming resources/idea

Download the full document:
School Based Mentor Support Pool Lesson Plan (PDF)